Guest Speaker on Real Estate Search Engine Optimization

Building an attractive and beautiful site is the objective of the most designers. Along the way, the attractiveness of the website is sometimes reduced. We have to retain in mind our goal isn’t only to have a beautiful website that can make people want to stay in revel in, but also a site that will be beneficial to search engines in deciding what our website is what it is pertinent to.

Search engine optimization or SEO is probably an important way to operate a vehicle targeted traffic to your site because it brings about improved internet search engine position. Optimizing brings the benefits associated with a well-designed site will lead to a lot more traffic approaching to the website thereby creating income for the business publishing the site. With this reality at heart, however, optimizing your site may cost you thousands if you aren’t skilled in this field. Good search engine optimization that brings about improved search engine placement shall, on the other hand, enable you to get a higher return on investment of either right time or money you placed on it.

The primary goal of this particular article is to offer the fundamentals of search engine marketing to enable you to understand it and integrate it to help you attain your process. This will help you better your relevancy, and SE’s rankings to discover the best results possible through proven search engine marketing techniques.

What exactly are the major problems in design?

First is important to keep in mind that SE’s are machines and read words they don’t see images or pictures. The most frequent mistakes from search engines standpoint are:

– Making a site totally in Flash(TM)

– Images without alt tags

– Nonexistent or Minimal Meta subject or name label

Search engine optimization white board

Display(TM), to the various search engines, is merely seen as an image. Although the Display(TM) may intrigue of the audience, it will not help the internet search engine to know what your website is about. Flash(TM) and pictures may be used to enhance a site. However, the site will need to have text to generate relevance for the various search engines.

Inside the same sense, images are also unseen. However, we have alt tags that give the various search engines a concept of what the image is about. The alt tags can be quite helpful because the SE’s will place a bit more emphasis on the written text in alt tags. Don’t overload using keywords in the alt tags but use some to help where appropriate.

The title tag, as well discusses later, can be one of the most important decisions to tell the search engines what your web page is focused on.

Where do we start?

Why is search engine marketing so important? SEO in Tempe is important because this can make your website highly relevant to your keywords through the search engine results positioning process and can lead to increased search engine results positioning. This is why-why some businesses work with an SEO company to get this done activity.

You may get information on low priced related services everywhere on the internet. However, few are showing you how to work through an inexpensive arrangement for improved internet search engine placement. Some companies will use old techniques which could decrease your rankings. Good search engine marketing should help you to get started on enhancing the search engine results positioning of your website and begin driving traffic to it in just a matter of days or weeks with expensive processes.

Search engine optimization commences on your website optimally, as you intend and build it. If your on-site optimization hasn’t been completed, you can revise it to increase the exposure to search engines. It includes the next elements known as “onsite marketing.”

– KEYWORD RESEARCH – choosing the principal and extra keywords you use on your website

– Applying the keywords into important elements in the website header and body normally.

Keyword Usage and Research

Let’s start first with keyword research. Why is keyword research important? The keyword research helps us to get the keywords that connect us with your targeted audience. They will be the words that people want to utilize on our website in many ways to create relevancy on our web page. When search engines crawl our web pages, they’ll then index us for those keywords. Once that occurs, when those keywords are typed into the internet search engine by potential clients, the internet search engine will display our site in the SERP’s, which is that they tie us to your targeted audience.

Ideally, you use a research search tool that will permit you to enter words you think are keywords people would seek out and that will tell you sometimes those keywords which were sought out over a confirmed period. With regards to the tool you are employing and the directories and the search engines, they get access to for their SERPs you’ll get different amounts in your slow SERPs. Your search engine marketing professional will know and also have usage of these tools and those work for specific uses.

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The Long Train, What Is It For?

So this is an approach called the long tail. This is a process that will take time, a lot of time …

It is useless to hope to be well ranked in 1 month, except in very special cases. It will usually take a lot of effort and a synergy of means, to be easily found on Google or other search tool.

Consistency is crucial to achieving a good result: hence the importance of identifying the keywords and phrases from the beginning. They will be placed in all the communication of the company, without forcing: think first to the readers, then to Google!

You can also notice the technical side, which has less importance today (despite basic to respect), hence the fact that I do not develop this aspect here:

use page titles with keywords

use title and subtitle tags (H1, H2 …)

post internal links to the blog or site

make your site fast to load (light images, not too many plugins ), with easy navigation (menus)

think of “mobile friendly”, ie the responsive design site for tablets and mobiles, or even a mobile version

place keywords naturally, without forcing

use photo titles with keywords (example: shoe-rouge.jpeg instead of dsc250036.jpeg) and an ALT tag (alternative text)

Link the site to the blog and social networks

propose a sitemap (file for search tool)

In the end, this advice is enough for many small businesses!  The quality of the site’s content is crucial today, because Google takes into account the time that the user spends on each page, on the site, etc …

A quality SEO approach is therefore time consuming, and expensive if you can not do it yourself: as well be warned and provide a sufficient budget. Or do without!

Can We Live Without Google?

And yes, it’s not just Google to be visible. Very often, it is the SMO (social media optimization) that will give the best results , namely the optimization of social networks and the blog mainly.

Think about: where did you get most of your business contacts? On Google ? Of course not. For the most part, you have known them in the “real life”, by word of mouth, or via a blog that you enjoy and on social networks (sometimes chatting about a group).

There is actually little chance in many areas that your potential customers are looking for you on Google right now . Because for that, it is necessary:

that they have identified a specific need

that they are actively seeking a solution

they have the necessary budget

For an urgent plumbing problem, yes, they will probably look for the local plumber on Google. And this plumber will win to be listed on Google Plus including to be found.

But in most other cases, your potential customers are not even looking for a solution! They do not look for you …  because they are often not even aware of having a need, a problem.

Visitor, Lead, Prospect And Client

Hence the importance of content marketing  to be visible at lower cost (or even free). It will first have to be useful, explain, even educate. For the visitor to say “oh yes, I also have this problem” or “it’s nice this thing, I want”! Except that often:

he does not trust you

he does not have the budget or the time yet

If you do your job well on the web, he’ll see an article from your company and tell himself that he’s really useful, that you know what you’re talking about or that he likes the tone. He will follow you on the blog or via social networks, put you in favorites.

Little by little, a link is created: he gets to know you, checks your skills, looks at what is said about you, etc … The visitor has become what is called a “lead”, ie a contact qualified , interested at least a little by your services or products.

Then one day, he says to himself I really need that, and I know that person has a solution for me. I like what she offers and how she does it. And he will become a prospect and then contact you. With high chances of becoming a customer if your offer suits him,  because he is already largely convinced and confident.

And Google in all this? He did not intervene. Because this customer knew you on a group of social network, thanks to a site which mentioned favorably your blog, etc …

It takes a while to create this mesh. But then he works 24 hours a day for you. For example, as far as I am concerned, I am the typical hopeless case via Google: all the keywords that I could target are less than 10 searches a month. So I never counted on Google, and I do not remember that it brought me only one customer! They all come:

by recommendation

via the blog and social networks, intimately linked

And The Pub?

Here we are in web marketing more than in the communication. While, for products mainly, you can use tools such as the famous Google Adwords (keyword purchase). These are the commercials you see at the top right of the search results.

Now You Have To Do This Type Of Campaign Knowingly:

check that your potential customer is going to find your solution on Google

study the competition: many keywords are saturated, and it will take a huge budget to be visible

check that your product/service will not suffer from such an approach: depending on your positioning, you “sell” in this way will only tarnish your image

With this ad network, you can expect to make yourself visible on Google, but especially on the partner network of blogs and sites that displays these ads ( Adsense ). Evaluate carefully:

what investment will be needed to be visible in your specific market

what real visibility you can get, including on the partner network

what is the ROI (return on investment)

Let’s be clear: this is not within reach of everyone because an effective campaign is trying to implement. It is usually necessary to use a provider, in addition to the cost of the campaign. Targeting must be of high quality to obtain convincing results. Test, try, but above all, check the actual returns because a click costs money but does not necessarily bring a sale, far from it.

So if you use this tool: concretize your offer and your site/blog, so that the clicks have a maximum return (that is to say they convert the visitor into a customer). It’s not expensive and straightforward enough in general, better to be warned …

Conclusion: understand how the system works, not to be made attractive by offers, but unfounded. They will be pure losses for your business.