The Long Train, What Is It For?

So this is an approach called the long tail. This is a process that will take time, a lot of time …

It is useless to hope to be well ranked in 1 month, except in very special cases. It will usually take a lot of effort and a synergy of means, to be easily found on Google or other search tool.

Consistency is crucial to achieving a good result: hence the importance of identifying the keywords and phrases from the beginning. They will be placed in all the communication of the company, without forcing: think first to the readers, then to Google!

You can also notice the technical side, which has less importance today (despite basic to respect), hence the fact that I do not develop this aspect here:

use page titles with keywords

use title and subtitle tags (H1, H2 …)

post internal links to the blog or site

make your site fast to load (light images, not too many plugins ), with easy navigation (menus)

think of “mobile friendly”, ie the responsive design site for tablets and mobiles, or even a mobile version

place keywords naturally, without forcing

use photo titles with keywords (example: shoe-rouge.jpeg instead of dsc250036.jpeg) and an ALT tag (alternative text)

Link the site to the blog and social networks

propose a sitemap (file for search tool)

In the end, this advice is enough for many small businesses!  The quality of the site’s content is crucial today, because Google takes into account the time that the user spends on each page, on the site, etc …

A quality SEO approach is therefore time consuming, and expensive if you can not do it yourself: as well be warned and provide a sufficient budget. Or do without!

Can We Live Without Google?

And yes, it’s not just Google to be visible. Very often, it is the SMO (social media optimization) that will give the best results , namely the optimization of social networks and the blog mainly.

Think about: where did you get most of your business contacts? On Google ? Of course not. For the most part, you have known them in the “real life”, by word of mouth, or via a blog that you enjoy and on social networks (sometimes chatting about a group).

There is actually little chance in many areas that your potential customers are looking for you on Google right now . Because for that, it is necessary:

that they have identified a specific need

that they are actively seeking a solution

they have the necessary budget

For an urgent plumbing problem, yes, they will probably look for the local plumber on Google. And this plumber will win to be listed on Google Plus including to be found.

But in most other cases, your potential customers are not even looking for a solution! They do not look for you …  because they are often not even aware of having a need, a problem.